A novel by Igor Portugal

Coming early 2025

Copyright 2023 Igor Portugal. All rights reserved.

The Libertarian Utopia of Planet Fortht

Welcome to a world where technology has not only advanced but reshaped society itself. A safe world, where no violence is possible. “How?” you may ask. Dive into the opening chapters and discover the intricacies of this utopian world on Planet Fortht.

You will find romance, controversy and action as our protagonist navigates this advanced freedom-loving planet, populated by humans just like us. You will learn how highly developed and widely used artificial intelligence helps people carry out their everyday tasks and improve their lives.

This is not just a world of shiny gadgets and impressive feats of engineering, but one where society itself has evolved. Here, technological advancements have led to a new form of political state organization, surpassing democracy. The philosophical ideas presented in this novel challenge and expand upon our current beliefs and values.

As you follow the journey of our protagonist, a man from Earth, who is transported to this advanced, freedom loving society, you will encounter these ideas and be invited to consider the possibilities of what our own world could become. This book is not just about the thrills and excitement of a futuristic world. It invites you to consider the potential impact of technology on our own society and how it could shape our future positively. It explores the good that technology brings us.

Whether you're a fan of science fiction, speculative fiction, political philosophy, or just intrigued by the possibilities of the future, this book offers a thought-provoking adventure. It’s a must-read for anyone fascinated by libertarian ideas and the potential of technology to change our world.

I invite you to join me on this journey, where the only limits are those of our own imagination.  

I hope many questions will linger with you long after you have finished reading. So come along on this journey with me and let your imagination run wild.